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About company "Sargas Pro"

Sargas Pro LLC works successfully in the Ukrainian and European markets. The company offers the following product range: blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, lingonberry, elderberry, strawberry, cranberry, chokeberry, cherry, black currant, red currant, gooseberries, wild strawberries, concentrated apple juice, fruit and berry puree, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, beans, mushroom chanterelle, porcini mushroom, bog wortleberry, apple.

The main activity of the company "Sargas Pro" is selling of frozen berries and fruits of high international standards. The products have Bio Certificate Organic Standard. We offer high quality products and reliable partnership. Sargas Pro is initially aimed at exporting frozen products to European countries, as well as selling berries, fruits and mushrooms on the territory of Ukraine.

All products grow in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. During processing all products undergo radiological and chemical control. In the process of recycling, the technology of deep freezing is used, which allows preserving the best properties of the berry, leaving it useful and nutritious. Frozen berries retain more than 90% of useful elements.

We also provide transport services for our products with specialized refrigeration equipment. This allows us to maintain the necessary temperature regime, thanks to which our partners receive high quality and undamaged products. We are constantly developing and we try to do everything possible to ensure that the quality of our goods and services are at high level. Satisfied partners and first-class products are our top priority.

Our production

Chokeberry (Aronia)

The collection region is the zones of the Ukrainian Carpathians and forest regions.

Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

The collection area is ecologically clean areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Vinnitsa and Khmelnitsky regions.

Elderberry (Sambucus)

The collection region is Vinnytsia, Khmelnitsky, Zhytomyr and Cherkassy regions.

Cherry (Cerasus)

The collection region is Vinnitsa, Chernivtsi, Mykolaiv and Khmelnytsky region.

Wild strawberry (Fragaria L.)

The collection area is ecologically clean zones of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Zhytomyr region.

Blackberry (Rubus)

The collection area is ecologically clean areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians.